Arizona Mesa Mission Address

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Dear Family,

Thanks for the pictures!!  Mom, I feel like you look younger than when I left for my mission.  It must be all that time you've spent away from me!!! (hahaha)  Sorry, I'll be back so soon.

This is hopefully going to be my last week in this area.  I am grateful for the success we're having, but it is just not as enjoyable as I would like it to be.  A lot of people this past week just didn't even respond to us when we tried to talk to them in the street.   I really hope President sends me to be in a trio with the Zone Leaders in Phoenix for my last three weeks.  He usually does that when there's a case like mine or when a missionary gets an extension.

I'm sure Matt's graduation was really hot.  I am interested to see how it feels changing from a very dry and arid climate to an extremely humid one.  I will then, for sure, be able to say which I like better.  People ask me what I think is better every once and awhile but I don't really remember what high humidity feels like too well.  All I know is that when it gets even a little bit humid here it's really bad.  This past week there were some days above 110 which aren't fun.  We'll see if I get another day of almost 120 before I leave.

Anyway, not many new things to report.  We do have a baptism scheduled for the 15th of July.  Since I've been in this area, I've really been blessed with a lot of success.  Though I think the reason it kind of feels discouraging is because all of our personal attempts at finding have been completely fruitless.  I mean, we've tried really hard to do our part to get referrals from the members, and we've gotten them.  The two teenagers we baptized and the one on the 15th would not have happened if it weren't for the members.  But all of the finding that we've tried to do from contacts in the street and going by formers have been absolutely fruitless.  Like literally, I don't think we've taught one lesson to a potential that we've found in this area.  So the Lord is blessing us but it still feels like a humbling experience at the same time.  But hey, the best way to do missionary work has always been through the members, right?!?

I included some cool pictures I took of an Arizona sunset.  I've probably told you this before but that's probably the best part about this state.  Anyway, I hope all is well back home and that everyone is enjoying their summer.


Elder Kinney

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