Arizona Mesa Mission Address

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 25, 2012

Dear Family,

I would love to be in the middle of a cold rain storm right now.  I haven't even seen rain in three or four months, and the temperatures here are now constantly in the hundreds by mid-day. When I get home, I can't wait to figure out a gym and pool I can go to so I can have a solid workout routine.  I can't believe what happened to Jeremy.  I hope everything is going well for him and that there aren't any complications during his recovery.  I'm sure Bishop Quigley (from the NC Ward) attended the Arcadia Ward in Scottsdale for his granddaughter's baptism, which is covered by the Assistants, one of whom is Elder Ralphs, who was my second companion and trainer.  I think his daughter lives there.  Great to here dad is tearing it up with his calling and church responsibilities.  I wonder what kind of calling I'll get in my Singles Ward at BYU.  Anyway,  I hope you got my late father's day card.

I got your letter this week and loved the article you sent on Clay Christensen.  I was also really surprised at the comments from Danny Ainge, which were completely against a quote from the Prophet that was also included in the article stating that serving a mission is an obligation for all who have the Priesthood.  I found it interesting that the most successful Mormon sport stars didn't go on missions.

The District is doing really well.  We had a baptism this past week and have 13 baptisms left for the month of July.  We set another baptismal date for a young man in a part-member family.  His family has already come to church for three weeks in a row, are reading the scriptures regularly, and have had personal interaction with the Bishop, so that one is solid for July 15.  We are also working with this less-active, part-member family -- the Hernandez family.  The ward members seem to be really happy that we've gotten them to go to church for three weeks in a row.  Supposedly it's been a real struggle for other elders and members in the past.  They didn't come the first couple times we invited them when I was with Elder Eskeets but they are getting more comfortable with us coming to their home.  We coordinated with the Bishop yesterday on how we can help the father receive the Priesthood and baptize his daughter.  I'm hoping with the member's support we can get the daughter baptized this upcoming month.  The parents are kind of hesitant to let her be baptized after being inactive for a while, but I feel much better after talking with the Bishop, who is now gung-ho getting that family progressing towards the temple.

Elder Carrillo is an awesome elder.  It's nice to have a seasoned missionary as a companion again.  He has a great attitude and really tries hard even though the area is quite difficult right now.  Anyway, that's what's going on with me.  I liked the picture of Matt's sculpture.  Thanks for everything!!


Elder Kinney

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