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Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

Hey guys,

Thanks a ton for the letters you sent.  I am glad to hear Jeremy did a good job on his homecoming talk. We received transfer news last night, and I will be transferred to Mesa:( and be companions with Elder Nielson's MTC companion.  I will continue to be District Leader though.

I just  got a soar throat two days ago but the Branch members are really taking good care of me -- they love to help me out with medicine and herbal teas, etc., so I'll get better.  Actually, Sal and Emma Garcia (the "river" baptism family) have this kind of side job as salesmen for this essential oils company called dōTERRA, based out of Utah.  They were very kind to give me some of their oils at no charge so I could get some relief at night and sleep better.  They are doing really well by the way.  Sal actually taught the class in Elders Quorum yesterday, which is so awesome.  I don't know if I already told you, but about two weeks ago he asked us why the President hadn't given him a calling or responsibility yet!!!  We contacted the President as soon as we could and told him he needs to consider giving them callings now.

This past week we had some goods and some bads.  We found three new investigators who actually live across the street from Sal and Emma so we are going to start getting them involved as fellowshippers shortly.  I'm kind of sad to be leaving Phoenix and Elder Nielson.  The two transfers we had together were really fun.  He learned everything really fast and is a great missionary with a lot of potential. It has also been great to recognize the support the Lord gives me as a District Leader so I am better able to lift those up I've been called to serve within my District.  I have a strong testimony that the Lord qualifies those whom he calls.  I've received revelation in terms of what needs to be discussed in District meeting so we can better fulfill our purpose as missionaries and apply principles taught in the scriptures as well as Preach My Gospel.  The District and Zone as a whole have grown a lot compared to a year ago when I first got here, so it will be sad to leave.

The recorder is working great, and so far I've recorded things ranging from talks to jokes.  Once again, thanks for that.  I did get the Easter package you sent, and it's really helping me to lose weight and consume more protein hahahah!  Instead of sending me candy next time, maybe you could send me some protein bars from "Dymatize" instead (  I've already tried the Cookies 'n Cream flavor so you can pick some other flavors to try. 

As far as I know, July 30th is still my scheduled departure date.  I've talked with President and one of the Senior Couples at the office who are in charge of that, and since I haven't heard anything suggesting otherwise, I'm pretty sure it's the 30th.  I really liked the picture of Jeremy and Eric in our kitchen that you sent . . . even though it made me a little "trunky" hahaha (trunky is a missionary term for homesick). I like how Jbray is letting his scruff grow out, though I'm sure he shaved it off before his homecoming talk hahaah. Thanks for everything!!
Elder Kinney

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