Arizona Mesa Mission Address

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

Dear Family,
It was a real blessing to be able to talk to you all yesterday except I that I didn't get to talk to Michala.

This morning we spent about 6 hours rendering service to Eddie and Antonia on the ranch that he runs which has about 27 horses right now.  Some of the horses that live there are worth up to $500,000 and have parents worth up to $12,000,000.  Sounds like a joke to me that anyone would pay $12,000,000 for something that is going to die.  I guess you gotta make sure it has kids.  This morning I was able to groom and shave an entire horse from head to toe.  He was only about a year old so he was pretty stubborn and didn't like to stand still.  Working with horses is so fun.  Maybe it could be a summer job for me when I get back from the mission or something.

Today we are moving from our apartment to a member's home.  They are the Gui family (not foreign despite the last name).  I think it will definitely help our effectiveness and ability to focus.  It is hard a lot of times to make it to studies on time when there are 4 people who need to use one bathroom.  I will probably only be living there for a short while because transfers are on the 18th and I am still in my second area.

I actually have to go now because we still need to move and only have an hour and 20 minutes until we have to go to work.  I will send a detailed letter of the following weeks activities next p-day.
Elder Kinney

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