Arizona Mesa Mission Address

Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

Dear Family,

I apologize but we are in a huge hurry because we have a Zone activity in South Phoenix in 30 minutes and we don't have a car today.  We had car inspections this past week at Zone Conference and unfortunately, Elder Stuart, the "Fleet Coordinator" (sounds like a prestigious office held by someone in Star Trek), deemed our car to be very well cleaned, but not the cleanest in our District.  He told us that we had to park our car on P-day and that we could only take it out to go and get it washed.  So we are really crunched on time this P-day and we have to leave soon to catch our ride to the Zone Conference.

This past week has been pretty good.  We are starting to prepare for the baptism we will be having this Saturday of two of Ruth's children, Daisy and Jackie, and also Olivia's 9-year-old son, Stone.  I don't know if you remember Olivia but she was the first person that Elder Ralphs and I baptized in this area.  She has stayed really active and loves the church.  We started talking to Olivia and Stone, so he is preparing to be baptized on Saturday as well.  Elder Pierson and I are going to try to have a large part of the ward there to show support for Ruth's family, which is very new and will need a lot of fellowshipping if her husband and the rest of her daughters are to be converted as well.

I did mention that we had a Zone Conference this week.  Elder Pierson and I were scheduled to give a 45-minute training on "Talking to Everyone" (basically, street contacting, etc.).  As missionaries we are often giving and receiving trainings in District, Zone, leadership meetings, etc.  My companion and I have had the opportunity to give a few training sessions at various times during my mission up to this point.  Unfortunately, that day was probably the worst day of my mission in regards to my health.  I threw up seven times from the morning through the afternoon before I felt any better.  We were thinking it might have been attributed to the sushi we ate at the all-you-can-eat buffet the day before, since two other elders were throwing up as well.  I felt like such a wuss because it sounds way to convenient to be sick on a day you are required to perform a responsibility.  I would have done it if I had only thrown up once, but I felt so miserable and I couldn't eat or drink anything without it coming back up.

It was also unfortunate because we had our regular interview with President Ellsworth and my eyes were all bloodshot, and I was breaking out in a cold sweat and most likely emitting a mild scent of vomit from my person.  President seemed to understand the situation pretty well.  He is such and awesome and loving person.  I know that he is God's chosen leader for the Arizona Mesa Mission and that he has the keys to guide the work here.  He told me my Spanish is really good, and that I will probably be a senior companion on my next transfer.  I attribute my vocabulary to the Spanish-to-English and vise versa translator that I am always strapped with and from which I am always learning new words.  I guess I should probably give some credit to the gift of tongues as well.   I can't believe that I am already not considered a "greenie" anymore.  The mission is flying by so fast.

I am sorry but I need to go meet our ride in 5 minutes.  I love you all and am grateful for your prayers in my behalf.


Elder Kinney

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