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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 7, 2011

Dear Family,

I don't really have much time to write today.  It is my first P-day (preparation day) in my new area and I have a lot of stuff to do.  Unfortunately, we don't have another set of Elders with a car that live in the same apartment with us like in my last area, so coordinating P-day to-do's and any transportation is kind of a hassle.  I have a new address (see top of blog).

We live right in central Phoenix around all of the big buildings.  We don't really teach anyone around where we live.  We mostly go to the projects.  I feel like my new area has more of a "hood" feel to it but there were definitely more shady people in my last area.

On Saturday we had a baptism of the Solis family.  I only got to teach them once -- they were basically the investigators of Elder Camarillo and his old companion.  They are pretty awesome.  The best part of my week was yesterday when we went to Patty Torres' baptism in my last area.  She had asked me to give the talk about the Holy Ghost and I did a better job than I thought I was going to be able to do.  The service was really, really awesome, the best part being when Elder Hernandez bore his testimony and shared his conversion story which is super powerful (I have heard it a couple times).  I miss him a lot.  He is definitely one of my favorite companions.

My new companion, Elder Camarillo, is from San Juan Capistrano, CA, and was just trained so I am his "greeniebreaker".  He is good at Spanish, obviously, but due to his American childhood he can't answer any of the gramatical questions I ask, and my vocabulary is more vast compared to his.  It is kind of weird knowing more Spanish than a Spanish person.  He is super awesome and hardworking though and I like him a lot.  He has a really innocent and docile personality but he isn't shy so a lot of poeple like him, which is good.

My time is running out on this library computer so I have to go.  I have one other really quick miracle.  We found this guy named Gabriel on my first day, who moved from the Tempe mission to our area and has a baptismal date.  He came to the Solis family baptism with his four daughters.  He will be baptized on the 26th of this month.  Hope everything is well in NC!!!

Elder Kinney

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