Arizona Mesa Mission Address

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

Dear Family,
This past week was pretty awesome.  Angel is getting baptized next Saturday so I should be sending you some baptismal pictures next time! 

This week we did an awesome activity where we took a bunch of our investigators and branch members to the visitor's center in Mesa to see the movie "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" and the cool art exhibits that they have there.  I don't remember having seen that movie for a long time but it is really powerful.  I heard also they recently changed the ending a bit and included some footage of temple square to kind of show what the church has turned into since the days of Joseph Smith.  But that is only in the English version so I haven't seen it.

Something unfortunate happened this week in that there was an article in this week's "New Times", the free weekly magazine for the Phoenix metropolitan area, where a woman and her daughter had done some immoral things with a minor, though the minor supposedly wasn't completely against it.  We haven't had many problems because of it with regard to our investigators, but the English elders have.

On the upside, the church is going to do the same ads in Phoenix that they did in New York City!  It should really help the missionary work skyrocket according to the success they've seen in other cities.  Dad, did anybody ever approach you or ask you about the ads in New York knowing that you are a member of the church??  Anyway,  I got to go now.  I hope everything is well in CT.
Elder Kinney

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