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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week 4 -- MTC

Hey Family and Friends,

Today begins my fifth week here in the MTC.  Erik Schneiber came in today but I haven't had a chance to see him yet, but I'm looking for him.  (Note:  there is a new photo added to the blog of Elder Nate Quinn, Elder Michael Kinney and Elder Eric Schneiber when they were starting Boy Scouts -- we think it was taken in 2002 when they were 11 years old.) This past week was another good one, filled with a lot of work and learning.  Nothing has really changed as far as my schedule.

One thing that's disappointing is that my teacher, Hermano Welling, was promoted so he won't be teaching our class anymore.  For the first couple of weeks we had a lot of subs because he was sometimes traveling out of state, doing interviews for medical school.  I didn't really realize how awesome of a teacher he actually was.  These past weeks of class have been so great when he teaches.  His stories are so powerful and awe-inspiring, and his testimony of Christ is so apparent and real.  I have never felt the spirit so strong than when I was in his class.  You can really tell that he cares so much about us and that his mission was such an important part of his life.  He has instilled that sense of importance to his students, as well as many other spiritual realizations and lessons.  One of the things he prompted us to do (which I started this past week) was to keep a "spiritual journal", in which I record the most important advice I receive from my teachers, companions, and most importantly, the Spirit.  He said that by the time we get home from our missions, it will be like a personal bible to us that contains innumerable amounts of advice and spiritual teachings that we have learned.  Mine already has about 6 pages filled -- each point I've written in there is very important to me, as a missionary and generally, as a person.  I really think this spiritual journal will help me throughout my mission and my life.

One of my favorite things Hermano Welling taught us was that there is a time when preparation is passed, and the time to perform miracles is at hand.  We must ALWAYS be prepared to "perform miracles", and we must do this by keeping the spirit with us by staying worthy. 

The (Scouting) program Dad is doing sounds really awesome and it sounds like he'll being doing a lot of fun stuff in the future.  The jerky you sent me was really good.  I only have one critique, however -- add a lot more soy sauce for the next batch to just make the flavor really, really strong.  Also, I hope you know that my body isn't completely falling apart -- you've gotten a couple calls from the medical center.  Aside from the eye thing that is bothering me, the trainer said I have some sort of cyst or something in my wrist, which I noticed when I was doing so many push ups.  I need to stop doing push-ups with my wrist bent, which means I would really, really, really appreciate it if you could send The Perfect Push-ups -- that's what the trainer said I should use since you can keep your wrists straight when you use them.  Also, if you could throw in a bunch of those ballin' Asian noodles that I like in a microwavable cup so I can cook them.  I don't think I need a new belt, but you might want to send me one just in case I get any fatter . . . just kidding.  My workout routine is going really well.  I'm on a direct course to be jacked out of my mind by the time I get home (haha).  Lets hope I can keep it up.

The story you told me about the family singing with Frankie made me miss him so much! I wish I could be there when you guys do that.  He is such a great dog.  I do remember all of those things Dad mentioned in his letter about 9/11.

As far as how I spend my money, the MTC has a bookstore with all of your basic essentials.  I bought scripture marking stuff, Spanish verb books, snacks occasionally, etc.  It's pretty convenient.  One thing that's pretty cool is that Annie Watkins works there.  I'll always say "hi" and talk to her for a bit if I see her when I'm in there.  It was really weird the first time I saw her since I hadn't seen her in such along time.  She actually said hi to me the first time.

I'm sorry I didn't have as much to write this week.  Maybe it would help if you ended your letters with a bunch of questions.  I'd like to know how Matt is doing so far in his junior year.  I love you guys and think about you a lot.  Good luck with everything!!!

Love - Mike

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