Arizona Mesa Mission Address

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 7, 2011

Dear Family,

I guess that I forgot to mention last time that the First Presidency, in an effort to further unify all of the missions in the world, changed p-day to Monday.  So now everyone in the world has p-day on Monday, according to the information I received from my leaders.

First, let me answer the questions you asked me in your emails. I did receive the Predicad Mi Evangelios (Preach My Gospel manuals) and they are super awesome.  I gave one to my comp and I have already started studying from the other one.  I take it around with me as I go around proselytizing so I can remember stuff and apply it when I teach.  You must have done those in your office.  Thanks a ton for hooking me up with that.

I did not get the letter that was sent from Austin but I haven't checked the mail today either, maybe I got it today.  I did get Sister Bray's cookies and they were so awesome.  I sent her a thank you card a while back so I don't know why she hasn't received it yet.  I am going to write Grammy a thank-you note today and get it in the mail.

I can't believe you got to listen to Neil L. Anderson for Stake Conference!  Ever since I've been on my mission, I've never been so excited or grateful to have the opportunity to listen to the council of the General Authorities.  Their ability to speak with such power, precision and purpose, often times with nothing but a set of scriptures and some notes, amazes me.  There is a General Authority living in Arizona that talks to us every once and awhile named Elder LeSueur.  He is one of the best public speakers I have ever heard in my life.  I think he is an Area Seventy in the southwest area of the country.  I remember being like Matt and getting bored real easily during church talks but now I realize they are true, special witnesses of Jesus Christ and extraordinary examples of success, determination and love, it is much easier for me to enjoy every second of their talks.  As a matter of fact, ever since Elder Pierson got here, sometimes we will listen to old General Conference talks in the car or during studies.  I love listening to Joseph B. Wirthlin.

I can't believe that Chris got the Priesthood!! That is so awesome.  His conversion story continually amazes me and it is great to see that he is still doing well.  I still haven't gotten anything from him but an email that was like a paragraph long.  I really want to hear from him.  It is also great to hear that he is going to go to General Conference with  you.  That will be a great experience.

Before I sign off I want to share a quick miracle I saw just yesterday, as a result of fasting. So we have these two investigators named Jose and Xiomara who want to be baptized but they aren't married.  Jose really, really wants to be baptized but Xiomara won't marry him because he is currently unemployed and gets food stamps from the government.  So we decided to fast this past Sunday that he would get a job.  Keep in mind that he has been currently unemployed for more than 10 years. So we fasted and prayed and had faith that he would get a job somehow.  After church we went into the Branch President's office to give him a progress report of all of our investigators and he told us he found a job for Jose and that everything is all set up for him to get it.  I don't think that we could have received a more direct answer to our prayer, it was pretty amazing.  We are hoping that they can now get married and then baptized this month.  Anyway, that was a super sweet miracle and I am sure there are more to come as we continue to supplicate the help of the Lord with faith.


Elder Kinney

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